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Lease Mobile Phones

Renting tech is a great option for gadget lovers everywhere, and with no contract, no hassle, and no stress, Techster has the perfect smartphone rental options for you!

At Techster we believe in no-fuss, no-frills device rentals and work hard to match you with the perfect devices alongside our hard to beat packages. Great customer service is important to us and so we work hard to create lasting relationships with the brands and people we work with so that whenever you need to rent a device, you always think of us!

If your business needs to lease mobile phones, we have many of flexible options so that you can find a plan that suits your current company structure.

Whether you are a small start-up or you need tech for a whole department, we have a wide range of Lease Mobile Phones to choose from, including the latest models from Apple and Samsung. It is really simple to lease mobile phone devices from Techster and we also have sim-free options for those who just want to hire devices.

If you all about the latest tech, we have lease mobile phone packages that offer the newest models whenever they come out, so that you can have the latest device, no matter the launch cost!

Our no-stress breakage policy means we cover 90% of the cost if your phone breaks, and if you have any issues with your device, our tech team are here to help! If you're not sure which phone you want to get next, you can also try out one of our top-of-the-line phones and see what you think before you commit to a contract, with a minimum rental period of just a month! And if you love it, you can keep it with our flexible rental options that can be extended. You can save hundreds of pounds with our rental deals and we also have a huge range of perks, from the first month free to an eco-friendly phone case and screen protector so switching to Techster just makes sense!

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