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FracTech by


is here!


Welcome to Tech Democracy! 


Ever wanted to access expensive technology like top gaming PCs or movie projectors?

Techster introduces the revolution in accessing and sharing technology. 

No one has to miss the best or most innovative devices.


At Techster we do not want to just expand access to innovative technology, we want to expand the options on how you access modern technology. 

How is this possible? 


Instead of buying a new device or even renting it, we use the magic of



This means you buy a share of the device or pool of devices, and you gain the benefits of partial ownership. 

You get to use it in proportion to your ownership share. But there is more. You are not tied to one device.
So now you gain access to a whole library of specialist devices. 

You get the flexibility and affordability of renting, but also the benefits of ownership.

It is the best of both worlds. 




Movie Projectors, ViewSonic, Synth, Exclusive musical Instruments – Les Paul 

Image by 6 9

High End Computing


Workstations for video editing, Top End Gaming Rigs, Crypto Miners 

Top End Macintoshes 

Here’s How it Works


Credit based system

Put in a device you own



Buy a partial/whole share of a new device



Earn credits which are TIMESHARES

of equivalent devices

e.g., for an iPhone you get 500 credits 


device value

Each year we revalue the device, and issue new credits 


e.g. the iPhone that is a year old now gets you 300 credits 


multiple options

You can use the credits to check out the devices in our catalogue you like. 

e.g., a £1000 PC would let you rent out a £2000 PC for six months in a year. 





Devices are no longer idle stuck in your closet. This will reduce the overall need for new devices. 





You get access to different devices so you can try something new every month.  




Unlike just swapping with people online, there is legal protection. We will monitor the users and purge any scammers.  Any community is built on trust. 




We will monitor the condition of the device. If it is broken insurance will cover repairs. 

For wear and tear, we will refurbish devices, keeping them alive as long as possible.  



It would be possible to replicate some of what we offer by continually buying and selling devices online. But that involves a lot of transaction costs eating up your money. It is much easier to be a member of FracTech and let us handle the fuss of storage, delivery, breakages and selection. 




Saving the planet device by device. This means looking at how people access the devices too, ownership works in some scenarios, leasing in others and fractionalization in this case.





With a reservation system we can ensure hard to access technology will be available to everyone if they are patient. Sure, if you buy more shares, you get more time, but we will let everyone have their fair shot. 



Group Discounts


As the library scales in size eventually we will have enough purchasing power to get discounts on expensive technology. 



Tech Democracy


We will engage in active polling of our users and have a request system so we can pick the devices people want. You can post a device you would like and how much of a fractional share you would put in, and other users can join in and if there is enough money to buy the device, we complete the purchase. 




Get tech you could never afford on your own.

Dare to dream outside your normal price range.  £5K or £10K devices? 

Image by Tom Parkes

The Future? 

Of course, you still own the device, so in the future we hope to expand FracTech to be a money-generating opportunity if your device is rented out to the public.  

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